Get Your Child Excited about Literacy with Our Youth Authored Books

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Genius Patch’s youth authors, also known as Junior Storytellers, are gearing up for March Reading Month with their newly published books through the organization’s Junior Storyteller Program. In the program, children in grades 3-8 work in a collaborative environment to learn the creative story writing process by a published children’s author. From their learnings, they then create a single story, which is then professionally illustrated and printed. The youth authors get a copy of the book with their name printed alongside their peers. However, the impact increases exponentially when their books are donated to and purchased for other children to enjoy.

“Our youth authors, or Junior Storytellers as we call them, are agents of change for literacy as they get other children excited about literacy with their work.” says Genius Patch founder and published children’s author “Mrs. Ashlee” Chesny.

Through the Junior Storyteller Program, participants are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination, which follows Genius Patch’s goal of increasing youth of color’s willingness and desire to engage in literacy based activities. The organization believes that learning being exciting and meaningful for children is the first and most overlooked step into developing the actual skill. Because of this, participation in Junior Storyteller Programming is characterized with Genius Patch’s usual fun and excitement.

Participation in the Junior Storyteller Program has resulted in behavioral, social and academic improvement for participants. One mother remarked about how her daughter went from a struggling elementary student to a stellar straight A middle schooler. Her daughter has even attended Genius Patch events where she engaged younger children in story writing fun with her new found love for storytelling. Hear her mother’s feedback in the video here.

Thus far, Genius Patch has produced 100 Junior Storytellers. The Junior Storytellers have produced 5 total stories. 3 have already been illustrated and the remaining two are in works. Thus far, copies of the first 3 Junior Storyteller books have been donated to a local Detroit elementary-middle school making them accessible to 450 students through a book donation ceremony that was equal parts pep rally, book signing and interactive storytelling for grades 3-8.

Students who participated in the first Genius Patch Book Donation Ceremony expressed substantial interest in becoming Junior Storytellers too during the visit. Their enthusiasm, did not stop there as they requested Genius Patch to come back and additional copies of the books written by their peers.

Our Junior Storyteller books are full of engagement points, which will cause children to fall in love with literacy. At the end of each story, there are coloring pages of the story’s illustrations. On the opposite page, readers are invited to become writers as they recreate the story in the lines allotted.

The great news is that now, these youth authored books can be purchased by anyone to add to the libraries of children around the world. 100% of proceeds will go directly toward Genius Patch Programming to allow other children to participate in the organization’s programs or receive donated copies of the books.

Current Junior Storyteller titles available are, “Perry the Panda”, “Lucinda the Dancer” and “The Moon Man Rises”. Click the button to purchase the titles.

Our current available books were made possible by our friends at TCC Gives. With a generous grant and continued support, we were able to get 100 children excited about the art of story creation. Those stories were then able to be illustrated. Special thank you to the entire TCC Gives team including corporate liaison and children’s author Lawrence Adams, TCC Gives founder Julie Buck Moorehead and the entire TCC Gives Team.

If you would, would like to partner with us to create more Junior Storytellers or gift copies of our youth authors’ current books to children, make a donation today. Every contribution counts. Financial contributions are also 100% tax deductible as Genius Patch is a registered 501c3.

Here is a video of our Junior Storyteller Programs and Book Donation Ceremony to enjoy! For more pictures, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

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