TCC Gives Awards Genius Patch With a Second Grant to Make BIG Impact

On September 4, 2018, the TCC Gives Team awarded Genius Patch its second grant to make impact in the Detroit Community. Genius Patch requested $5,000 to carryout its Junior Storyteller Program in which historically underprivileged children write and publish stories of their own. Working in a collaborative environment with a published children’s author that looks just like them, the program participants will be immersed in a one of a kind experience. Attendees will leave this workshop with their own copy of The Official Junior Storyteller Workbook, and a free digital download of The Junior Storyteller Workbook to keep their storytelling skills going at home.

Genius Patch is so excited for the work that it will do to inspire, encourage and empower the children of the Detroit Community. Our overall goal is to promote an increased willingness and desire to engage in literacy among historically underprivileged children and a positive attitude toward learning overall through Genius Patch programming like Junior Storyteller.

TCC Gives is contributing above and beyond the asks of Genius Patch. On Wednesday October 11th. 2018, TCC Gives Team Members attended a Genius Patch workshop at Kidz Kingdom in Detroit, MI. TCC Gives was on hand to record Genius Patch in action making learning fun for the early education learners of Kidz Kingdom. Genius Patch’s “Mrs. Ashlee” lead a workshop using her book, “The Happy Tummy Hunt”. Following the reading of the book, the children had a blast trying new fruits and vegetables, as well as using them to create edible art. The children received a copy of the book thanks to the remaining copies from Genius Patch’s 4th Annual Literacy Come to Life Summer Camp, which TCC Gives supported.


When the workshop was over, TCC Gives interviewed “Mrs. Ashlee” of Genius Patch to learn more about the organization for an inter-company communication showing its team members how its philanthropic division is making impact in the communities it serves. TCC Gives then provided Genius Patch with a check for $6,000, which is $1,000 above the request of Genius Patch. “Mrs. Ashlee” and the entire Genius Patch Team is so grateful for TCC Gives belief in our mission and the work we are doing.


We must thank our special friend, Danielle North who is the founder of Kidz Kingdom for allowing us to work with the children of her wonderful program.

We plan to make some BIG Impact with the additional funds TCC Gives Awarded us. Stay tuned to see what we do!

Until then, here are some images from our workshop at Kidz Kingdom!

Photos of this workshop were taken by Evan Chesny Photography.

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