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Genius Patch builds partnerships that address the broad spectrum of issues that prevent children from engaging in the learning process. With the help of other nonprofits, educational organizations, caring community members and more we are able to meet the ever-growing need of support for the children of our community. Our partners our generous in their contributions of time, volunteer support, financial contributions and in-kind donations. We'd love to have you as a partner, too! 


Genius Patch's programming has been supported by a partnership with Michigan State University's Residential College of Arts & Humanities (RCAH). RCAH Academic Specialist for Diversity and Civic Engagement, Kevin Brooks PhD has designated Genius Patch as a community outreach program for student placement volunteering through the RCAH endeavors to engage students in community- based diversity initiatives to enrich their student's educational, social, and cultural learning experiences. In addition to student placement with the organization, several times each semester, Chesny is a guest lecturer for MSU students in its RCAH, engaging them in the Genius Patch methodology.

Students literacy skills, both writing and reading, improved immensely from the first day to the final day of the program, shown by the quality of work they produced and their increased vocabularies and confidence while reading/writing.
— Ryan Roehler, Student Volunteer, Michigan State University

Hear from our MSU student volunteers.


New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church

Our goals are achieved through the teams we create our strategic partners. Over the past 4 years, we have served the children of New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, MI. Using our flagship program "Literacy Come to Life", Genius patch has provided programming for both summer camp and after school. Each session accommodates 120 brilliant children with literacy based programming that encourages traditional subjects, kinesthetic learning, performing arts, creative writing and more.