Junior Storyteller is a program created by Genius Patch founder and published children’s author “Mrs. Ashlee” Chesny. The author uses her love for storytelling to teach children how to write stories of their own. After the stories are completed, the Genius Patch team has the stories professionally illustrated and printed for the Junior Storytellers to enjoy their work for a lifetime. The books are also distributed around the world for other children to enjoy. Watch this video to learn more.


Under Genius Patch’s Junior Storyteller Program, a new initiative has been created called “I Dream of Characters that Look Like Me”. The initiative specifically serves children of color. Learn all about it below.

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Watch this video to learn more about our Junior Storyteller Program and the “I Dream of Characters that Look Like Me” initiative.


What do parents say about “I Dream of Characters that Look Like Me”? Listen below.

What do volunteers say about “I Dream of Characters that Look Like Me”? Listen to Mr. Walter’s Feedback.


Genius Patch has just received the first book of the story created by our first cohort. We are so proud of these brilliant Junior Storytellers and can’t wait for the next 3 books by Junior Storytellers to be finished.


Genius Patch believes that as children are given the opportunity to express themselves and see their work brought to tangible form, they will gain confidence in all that they do.

As they learn the power of their words and watch others enjoy them, they will be more likely to engage in literacy based activities themselves. We are excited to support them in this experience through this initiative.

We are currently looking for caring community members to become program facilitators, illustrate books, and much more. Send us a note on the in-kind gift you’d like to contribute to our Junior Storytellers’ efforts.

We are also on a mission to gift 300 children with books written by our Junior Storyteller I Dream of Characters that Look Like Me youth authors. Help us reach or goal by giving a financial gift today!

Donations can also be made to help cover the cost of programming for participants of this program.

Genius Patch is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible.


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