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Genius Patch Programming is fun filled with the interest of children in mind. Take a look at our downloadable offerings and the extras below. Click the button below!

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Literacy Come to Life gives children in grades K-6 the opportunity to experience success with education beyond the classroom by adding creativity and excitement to traditional material. Literacy Come to Life intentionally focuses on providing resources that make learning fun for the student and the facilitator. With our guided activities, training and workshops we give parents, educators and educational organizations the ability to engage children in the learning process in more significant ways.

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90% of learning occurs outside of the classroom, so Mrs. Ashlee brings the  learning experience to the homes of children 2-6. Equipped with the books of published author Ashlee Chesny alongside supplemental activity guides,  parents engage their children in the learning process in a totally different  way. Children experience learning in fun ways tailored to their unique  learning style.

Ready to have a live demonstration? Bring Mrs. Ashlee to your next event for a fun filled learning workshop.

Need training? No problem. I help parents out by hosting parent nights at local daycares, schools, churches, recreation centers and more.

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Junior Storyteller gets children excited about using their own creativity and imagination to express their voices  through storytelling. Through this one of a kind program, children get to learn the writing process from a published children's author. Furthering the experience, this program is complete with The Official Junior Storyteller Workbook. To purchase your copy of The Official Junior Storyteller Workbook, click here!



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