Genius Patch is Detroit based nonprofit serving children around the world with literacy based programming using creative approaches to increase the willingness and desire of historically underprivileged children to engage in literacy based activities. Genius Patch’s mission is to engage historically underprivileged children with accessible programming that makes learning exciting and meaningful for them.


Genius Patch’s program Junior Storyteller empowers children to use their unique perspectives, ideas and their imaginations to create stories in a collaborative environment with their peers. Their stories are professionally illustrated and printed. Participants enjoy creating their stories with ethnically diverse published children’s authors. Finished Junior Storyteller books are given to the participants and donated to local Detroit schools, as well as to children around the world.


Junior Storyteller is an educational program created to inspire the following in children:

  • A love of literacy

  • A passion for self-expression and self-esteem

  • Peer to Peer COllaboration

  • Much More

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Current Junior Storyteller Books:


Each Junior Storyteller Book is complete with illustrations as coloring pages in the back of the book along with space for readers to become writers of their own version of the story.


Genius Patch’s Junior Storyteller Program is an initiative specially designed to address the lack of diversity in children’s literature. The initiative focuses on providing all the Junior Storyteller components to children of color specifically. The result is a collection of youth authored books that provide equitable access to diverse books for all children.

Hear this parent’s feedback about the impact of Junior Storyteller on her daughter:


Become a Partner or Host Site

Genius Patch is currently seeking partners and host sites for Junior Storyteller. Partners can either invite Genius Patch staff into a current program to facilitate Junior Storyteller or be trained by Genius Patch to utilize it’s own staff to facilitate the program.

Junior Storyteller Facilitated by Genius Patch FAQ

  1. What is your target age group?

    We have worked with children in grades 1st-8th. We have found that each group is different, but optimally serve 3rd-8th graders.

  2. What is your capacity?

    Our capacity is determined by the demand of our partners. To ensure we have enough staff to support participants with a maximum of 2 facilitators/per cohort of 15. We ask that partners provide a minimum of 6 weeks prior to program start date to ensure enough Genius Patch staff is on hand to provide the best experience.

  3. How many facilitators for a cohort?

    We work with as few as 1 child at a time, but no more than 15 participants to a cohort.

  4. Who facilitates the program?

    Junior Storyteller was created by published children’s author and Genius Patch founder “Mrs. Ashlee” Chesny. Depending on the program, published children’s authors including “Mrs. Ashlee” will facilitate the program or serve as a guest for programs facilitated by trained Community Educators. Specifications of facilitator are determined by program budget and availability.

  5. What is the cost of the program? Price per child?

    Genius Patch seeks to provide accessible programming with affordable costs to its partners and program participants. Final costs of the program is dependent on the number of participants, the number of books to be produced, current grants held by Genius Patch, its partners, funding obtained for partnership and fundraising efforts to support program costs. To discuss program cost specific to your organization, please email

  6. How many sessions to complete a book? How long is each session?

    We recommend either 6, 1 hour sessions or our full day workshop format (6-7 hours). Participants will have their books further developed by published children’s authors as needed.

  7. How long before the participants receive their book?  How do they get their book?

    Books are completed with professional illustrations and hardcover printing 6-8 weeks after the last program session. Delays could occur depending on current capacity. Books are delivered to addresses provided by participant’s parent or guardian at the time of sign up.

  8. What do you do with the completed book?

    Books are donated to children’s organizations and schools around local Detroit, as well as the world, to inspire them to both read and write themselves. Having their peers work as inspiration provides an encouragement of what recipients can do now with their talents and ideas.

Junior Storyteller Facilitated by Partners FAQ

In order to serve the maximum amount of children with this cutting edge program, Genius Patch has begun to Pilot training with partner organizations on the program. The organization would then facilitate the program to participants of its choice. Once the program is complete, The organization sends its final story document to Genius Patch for illustrating and printing. Each contributor receives a copy of the book included in the Program Price. Additional Copies can be purchased at additional costs.

  • Organizational Staff receives onsite training from Junior Storyteller Creator and award winning literacy Advocate "Mrs. Ashlee" Chesny

  • Genius Patch provides Program Resource Webpage for Facilitators (Participants to have access post-program)

  • Organization receives remote support from Genius Patch throughout program

  • Organization receives the Official Junior Storyteller Workbook for up to 15 facilitators and participants

  • Organization receives suggested program Pacing Chart

  • Organization receives 1 professionally illustrated book per cohort. Each participant receives a copy of the book (shipping to each participant included)

  • Organization receives one program site visit from Mrs. Ashlee or other Genius Patch affiliated published children’s author

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