Mrs. Ashlee’s Corner


It all started when…

I was doing on of my first school readings as an author. I was very excited to have written and published books. It was a triumph to rediscover my love of writing and working with children. Most of my life growing up involved caring for children starting when I was about 9 years old. I would baby sit my younger cousins under the watchful eye of my grandmother. I would volunteer in the nursery in 5th grade and throughout middle school. In college, I would even volunteer abroad in Germany (and then Italy) working on an army base leading the Toddler Room in the Childcare Development Center.

Despite all of this work with children, I never saw it as a viable career. Instead I graduated with two business degrees- one in Supply Chain Management and one in International Business. I had followed the encouragement of my parents to stay on the path that would lead to being financially secure. I followed this path from undergrad into corporate America. Doing so not only caused me to lose my love of working with children, but also my love of writing and storytelling.

From a very young age, I loved to make up stories. My